Strategic Alliances

Based on our clients' varying degrees of wealth, it is improbable for us to provide all services to all people. When a client requires a strategic discipline that we may not posses internally, we are fortunate to have cultivated relationships with some of the most well-respected individuals in their professional fields.

It is not easy developing our relationships. We exert significant due diligence and screen and test potential relationships very carefully. Our goal is to identify people who possess the same level of integrity and provide the same high level of service that we do.

We have a hand-picked network of advisors and through our relationships you gain access to some of the best knowledge available nationwide. The firms and people we work with are not employees of, or in any way directly affiliated with, Sauser Financial. We have not entered into any referral fee agreements with them either, thereby affirming that our interests are uniquely aligned with yours.

Our Strategic Alliances include:

  • Certified Public Accountants

  • Trust and Estate Attorneys

  • Real Estate Attorneys

  • Merger and Acquisition Attorneys

  • Business Valuation Specialists

  • Charitable Foundations

  • Alternative Asset Managers 

  • Private Equity Firms

  • Property and Casualty Insurance Agents

  • Real Estate Development Companies

  • Real Estate Professionals

  • Residential and Commercial Lenders

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Trusted Advisors